Strategic Launch Consulting

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I work with creative product developers who are curious about gaining the best possible results possible for their campaign by implementing a well thought-out pre-launch and funding period.

I won't just give you our standard coaching materials, I am committed to design your unique project and schedule a campaign style that impacts your ability to reach and convert your audience with the world-changing features of your product. I'll always be there to answer questions and to review our work at each stage of the launch.


My Consulting Includes

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Audience Building

Direct email approaches for warming the engine and generating community engagement, sample outreach email templates, role of early contests and facebook ads to get opt-ins. Best practices for prepping and building social capital for your campaign.

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Design and CopyEditing

We'll look over your page in detail and offer successtions. Process for in-house PR outreach, strategic timeline to make certain announcements, how to leverage “launch days” to help drum-up support. Copywriting, editing and review for your project page.

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Strategic Planning

Accounting system for targeting specific inner-circle donors, how to follow through on fundraising leads through personal email conversations. How to win over influencers Consulting regarding ad targeting. Ongoing Email and phone support, weekly advice.


You'll love this consulting package if...

  • You want help finishing your brand concept and sales message, but don't quite know how to build your audience to get them to buy in
  • Your would love a digital marketing advice about how to do it right.
  • Your current ability to plan and run a campaign pre-launch doesn't give you enough time to focus on product development & business tasks
  • You've decided that you'd love a discrete, actionable schedule
  • You want to run your campaign according to my standardized email timeline, and want help with our "high touch" peer-marketing approach



Upfront cost payable in full or in two monthly payments