Day 2: Don't Skip this Step

How do design & inspiration meet?

Is it possiblilty to have a creative, never-before-seen project AND build for your community's actual needs and desires? Does a Fully Funded project idea simply come as a “muse” of inspiration inside your own head?

I was thrilled for the chance to look into this question for todays lesson, because so many crowdfunding project creators are trying to merge feedback from their community with the “big idea” that they’ve been given from their inner creative self.

There is one specific practice that has helped me develop many campaigns, which gets people interested to become your backers long before launch, and also helps you make a project that brings to life something that your community has never imagined before.


Today's Lesson

In today’s lesson you you’ll hear about the one particular thing I do before moving forward with any crowdfunding idea, something that changes the direction and perspective of how I present my launch marketing so that I save myself from coming out with a project that no one feels invested in.

This action step is simple, valuable, and it really works to create more backers.

After you’ve had a chance to view, please offer a comment about what you see yourself doing this week in advance of your launch, now that you know about this technique.


Answer the Following Question in Preparation for Your Campaign:

  • Who are you going to talk to about this?

  • Where do you account for these conversations to track how many you've had?

  • What is one unexpected thing you learned from going all the way with your project enrollment discussions?