Day 4: How to do a grassroots pre-launch

the essential plan

By now you should have all you need to create a project that sells, with and evidence based marketing approach and a video that feels inspiring.

In this video, I’m going to remind you of the most essential part of crowdfunding, the part that most project creators forget in the mayhem of designing their sales and marketing content: good old fashioned team building.


Today's Lesson

  • The Secret Ingredient To Get Yourself Rolling on Launch Day
  • What is “Early Adopter Syndrome?” and How it Will Affect Your Success 
  • The Communication Strategy we use at StartMotionMedia for a Successful Launch every time.


Begin Planning your Pre-Launch

list out the people you think will contribute to your project. Are these people already in the know? If not, its time now to reach out and engage them with email.

With one month to go before your launch date, you can send out the following message to each targeted donor, one at at time.  "We're giving you a preview to our project, it's super important to have your advice before we launch". If the reply, ask for a verbal confirmation if they'll become a backer on the launch day.  Have conversations with people and show off your project early. It's a life saver.

Find more personal ways than :bcc or your newsletter provider to connect with your friends

I hope the above steps helps you get the pre-launch content that you need so that people actually write you back about your launch day.

Are the above steps working for priming your initial outreach? Give them a shot and find out.


And let us know how it goes:

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