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In only a few hours per week, you can crowdfund profit for your business. Learn from my interactive lessons, video walkthroughs, and never-before-released crowdfunding secrets that will prepare you for your campaign. Implement your launch with proven strategies & community support so that your project can be a success. 

MY Students Have Raised: $13,628,071 (!!)

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Did you know?

70% of Kickstarters Fail.

Projects are 10X more likely to succeed if they raise 35% thier goal in first 24hrs.

What would it take you to organize for that?

If you are about to launch, it's important to review crowdfunding the "old fashioned way" - methods for training trusted friends, family, and fans to donate their support. I've developed a system that helps your backers unify and helps you get mentioned.

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What people are saying...

"Amazing day 1 "pop" of almost $30k, all due to his pre campaign "prime the pump" organized effort! Michael is a fantastic wealth of knowledge. It allowed me to harness the power of my network. It got people genuinely interested in the project which translated into huge earnings!
-Brian Doyle, CEO of AXIUS, Raised $261,335
"His focus is strictly on crowdfunding. The whole process was on rails.  I didn't have to worry about the details because he had me covered."
-Janathan Ho, CEO of Instagrill, Raised $54,207

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Fully Funded launch course

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Your Kickstarter: How to do PR for your project

In this instant-access free course, I'll show you how to use your crowdfunding project to build a community of fans, and create a new source of profit for your idea, even if you don't know where to start.

Online Course: Blow Past your Crowdfunding Goal

The complete and proven 5-module course for how we use  launch strategy and planning for crowdfunding. Apps that can increase your impact, and answers for the way to find backers for your Kickstarter.