5-Week Crowdfunding Launch Course

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An interactive training to launch your world-changing idea.

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transform your story

Activate your community

launch your kickstarter


Get support and learn the proven
way TO promote & fund YOUR PROJECT 

You'll receive access to my crowdfunding modules, strategies, guided videos, and proven content to get you up to speed for your launch day.


Where Community Support meets Kickstarter Strategy.

"You were extremely well organized with your thoughts and knowledgeable about the subject material. you clearly knew your space. It didn't hurt that you were very competitively priced - worth every penny and then some."
-Rob D - CEO of Zipbuds - Raised $272,000

"Without Michael I would have never attempted to launch a KickStarter campaign. He is a real pro and walks you through every step of the way."
-Justin J  Creator of Wallet Buckle - Raised $46,000

"We got prompt responses.  Michael is very informational when it comes to actually kickstarting a project. This process can be very overwhelming and he will sit down and walk you through it. He wants you to succeed and this is obvious."
-Julien S Co-Founder of GreenTraveler - Raised $116,830

Idea Verification

Creative Process

Design Guide

email Outreach

The Training Includes

✓ Beta Testing and how to make sure you’ll succeed before going live

✓ How to build community and conduct get pre-launch commitments

 ✓ How to build your audience, even if you are just starting out

✓ Keys for Designing your Project Page, Goals and Rewards

✓ How to make you video: master editing & video keys that enhance any project or Idea

✓ Proven tactics to created motivated backers for you launch day


5-Week Course Features:

☑ Lifetime 24/7 Access to over 35 core interactive lessons

☑ Weekly live calls with the founder to ask and answer questions

☑ How to prep your backers for the first 48 hours of your launch

☑ Private creators community to share your project and get feedback

☑ Walkthroughs of the Apps and Methods that provide even more traffic

☑ Resources and bonuses, including interviews with past students.


Past students have been featured in:

What people are saying:

The pre-launch traffic system was helpful to make me aware of what I was meant to do and tackle it as best I could. In depth Kickstarting advice/tips/guidance.

He was outstanding at putting a plan together and then dragged me towards the finish line. Before I met with Michael I truly had no idea where to even start in creating a Kickstarter  -Tracy O

Michael has gone through the process of helping so many clients present their stories--and rally supporters around those stories--that I knew he would help me launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. - Janel H

It made me rethink my funnel by building it up first and testing it with customers on the list. I feel far more comfortable with the list so I can turn it on.
- Jonathan K

“Unique background that combined a technical education from Stanford, we found that very appealing” -Vivek K.


If you're thinking about launching a
yoU Might be wondering:

-How do I know when I’m ready to launch?
-What's the best way to get people to pledge money for my project?
-Is this going to take all my time? What even goes into it?
-What do I do to encourage my friends and family to share?
-When I reach out to for funding, how do I go about “the Ask”?


What Can you really do?

You can make a choice:

Option B - study up, make a plan

Fundraise like a pro, carefully implement your launch

Option A - Launch without support

Fly solo in your crowdfunding, panic when it's too late

Build your launch with my Proven Crowdfunding System

my Training has helped raise over $13 Million with crowdfunding

Got a Schedule?

Get training emails to your inbox and support for setting your launch date, and learn about when and how to leverage announcements

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Social Capital?

Kickstarter marketing depends on audience more than product. Are your friends ready? Learn how to validate your idea to the crowd.

What about video?

The biggest mistake is to leave your viewers bored. Learn documentary
production tips to wow people with your video, and get backers.

Fully Funded Course Author

Michael Zeligs - Stanford University
Crowdfunding Consultant / Over $13 Million Raised
Founder & Kickstarter Strategist at StartMotionMEDIA

"I know how much you want to succeed with your launch. I've helped projects raise astounding amounts of money for their crowdfunding campaign. Your kickstarter idea can succeed, sign up to learn how."


"His focus is strictly on crowdfunding. The whole process was on rails. Very smooth. I didn't have to worry the details because he had me covered."
- Jonathan H Raised $54,207

"I really liked his previous project "The world’s best travel jacket". -Ricky L Raised $27,309

“The finished product was what I wanted but could not envision in advance.” -Wendy M Raised $18,865

We were able to achieve our fundraising goal and avoid going into debt - Bryan M.  Raised $4,250

"The quality of the course, applicability of his business' focus to my need.  He understood the ins and outs of crowdfunding, and available tools, and helped me to share my story." -Anson K Raised $10,576

"Michael has an amazing track record, which is what was most appealing from the start."
- Omkar D Raised $46,824

"You provided the structure that was necessary to tell a compelling story. He was outstanding at putting a plan together and then dragged me towards the finish line."
TC Otsuka  Raised $19,705

Spend Less Energy and get Better Results


You'll Get: Brand and content  strategy & Guidance for a fantastic video
The secret methods and proven approaches I use everyday that have been the keys to funding, and inside info on simple technology tools that are HUGE time savers
The Result? An even bigger impact in a fraction of the time


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Live "Office Hours" with the founder

You will be amazed by the quality of insights in my interactive course materials
Guided, step-by-step technology education will help you understand your community, chances to ask and answer questions, and direct guidance for how to promote & market your project, all to get you the money you need for your world-changing idea.


project creators support community

I am here to show you the tangible money making methods that have worked for myself and clients consistently since  2009. These tactics will ensure engagement for your crowdfunding project. All of the audience building and grassroots community tools in one place -- Learn what needs to be done, do it on schedule, and succeed.


Apps and Tactics:

Step-by-step tasks for how to launch
Assignments and encouragement to fuel action
Apps for launching projects with a limited budget
Email and social media templates


5-Week Crowdfunding Launch Course: Plans and Pricing

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What's included when I sign up for the course?

Our elite training program includes: Over 35 core interactive lessons,  daily launch tasks, idea verification, instructions for kickstarter page design and video filming and editing, community marketing skills for peace of mind, weekly Q&A office hour live calls to make your funding easy and effortless, technology walkthroughs & email communication templates, 24/7 lifetime access, and membership Fully Funded interactive online community.

Who is this Program for?

This course if a great fit for product designers, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs, and anyone feeling challenged, stuck, or overwhelmed by the prospect of crowd fundraising. It can be useful if you are completely new to online marketing or grassroots outreach, and even if you have experience with marketing in general it can give you a model and a framework to make your campaign even larger.

Who it is not for?

People who aren't willing to put in the time to learn how to do things right, people who expect to get funded by strangers, or copycats who would rather "cheat to win" than put in honest work for their project.

Can your system really show me how to find backers?

Yes! I've been running crowdfunding campaigns since 2009 and I've seen exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting backers. It turns out, that no matter what you project is, the methods for community outreach are the same.  If you apply our system of design and outreach, you will end up finding the backers you need.

I don’t know web design or marketing, is this for me?

The tools we teach are all freely available and require no prior technical knowledge.  For the more complex tasks, I have guided, step-by-step walkthroughs for how to set up your accounts and email systems.  Plus, if you don't know how to do something, you can alway ask on one of the weekly group consulting calls

what kind of time commitment is it?

A crowdfunding campaign is not simple and if you can't put in time, then this training won’t work for you. I expect you to view the 1 hr of weekly course materials and do up to 3 hours of assignments per week to get the benefits - many of my tactics need to be followed and applied to see results.


Upon course registration, you will receive an email notification (be sure to check your spam in case you don't see it after ~15 min), with guidelines for how to log in to your course materials and start the intro materials.

How do I get in touch with the course managers?

You can always email with course technical support and account questions to founder@startmotionmedia.com.
For general "how to crowdfund" questions, we will cover those on the live calls and in the community group.

What happens IF I enroll but then I don't like it?

If you go through the materials, and still aren’t TOTALLY SATISFIED, you can ask for a refund. I offer all projects a 45-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.  Just show me you went through the course, and if you are still dissatisfied with your results, I will return your registration payments immediately.  I'm that confident that you’ll be awestruck by the quality, power, and effectiveness of my instructions. If you take this course, you are guaranteed to feel TOTALLY SUPPORTED in my step-by-step guided walkthroughs ... and you’ll be happy to avoid the all-to-common Kickstarter mistakes.