I first started out with crowdfunding in 2009, committed to help crowdfunding campaigns succeed...

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Most campaigns are confident about their launch, and needed a modest goal of $15-$30k.

Most people quit after the first week.

Almost no one backs.  

Why? It didn't take me long to find out why this happens. Do you know?

First, they went live with only a few friends and volunteers in the know, and most of them dropped the ball and forgot about you on your launch day, or project creators were expecting a random newsletter buried in their "promotions" tab to get their attention. 

What does it really take to get your friends, family, and fans to all act together, in a synchronized giving spree, so that your campaign gets a chance to be seen?

It doesn't  matter how nice your video is, or how awesome the project page looks.  If you don't have a slew of committed traffic headed to your page on the launch day with their wallets out and ready, you are dead in the water.

What does it really take to go to potential backers to help them organize and build community ahead of time, and have an initial group of committed fans waiting for you? I was determined to learn how. And now $13 Million dollars later, I've found the secret about crowdfunding that the 70% of failed campaigns wished they knew.

Not knowing this key info is why so crowdfunding campaigns are doomed.  
When you use my system to motivate backers and use our services to create an amazing video and build community from scratch, you'll have results like this:

Yoot Root Teas went from no previous customers to $60k in 30 days.  And they bought their first 90,000 units of inventory for their business with the proceeds from their campaign.

AXIUS raised $45k in a single day and went on to raise over $230k (!!!) in 45 days. They manufactured thousands of units and formed partnerships with key influencers in the fitness industry and now have a stake in a competitive market.

This isn't random. A big part about succeeding with crowdfunding is about having an awesome peer marketing strategy in addition to your video and deciding to be strategic about your project from the start, and doing what you can to serve the needs of your community so that they'll come to you.

During my 10 years as campaign strategist at StartMotionMEDIA, I learned:

  • How to use smart content strategy for organic opt-ins for your project
  • The role of campaign updates and product development newsletters 
  • How to learn from your performance during your first week and think through your page for crowdfunding pr
  • Why your project video is more important than you think, and how to make yours feel inspiring and energizing
  • Direct, peer-to-peer campaigning methods for community engagement that only get used when you have access to your fans email address.

I've seen it all when it comes to what works and what doesn't for engaging your community and getting pre-orders on Kickstarter, especially when you get smart about your perks definition and rewards description. After running campaigns since 2009, I've started to see the patterns inherent in every successful campaign, and made enough failures to learn what works and what doesn't.


Research shows that crowdfunding is next to impossible for most people. And up to now it was only my high-paying clients who had access to information about how to launch properly. I want to "blow the lid" off the high priced consulting industry so that you can build your audience with the most advanced tools, at a price anyone can afford.

"There has to be a way to teach crowdfunding" I thought to myself.  And that's when I started looking at the common problems that most project creators face. 

I now have found a solution about how to find backers and launch on a recommended timeline, so that you can have the best chance to go big .



Learn How to Design and Launch your Crowdfunding Campaign.

For the brave ones who venture out and do the proper legwork, crowdfunding on Kickstarter can be the exact wind in your sails that your project needs to get itself out to the world, even if you are doing nonprofit fundraising....

I can show you the main key system for how crowdfunding the "old fashioned way" works to get backers - by building an awesome project and training friends and ideal customers to pledge support...




"I use this in-depth fundraising system and these industry tactics everyday to get backers. It works miracles."
-Michael Zeligs, Executive Producer and Crowdfunding Consultant at StartMotionMEDIA

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