Learn Crowdfunding Trends & data for Kickstater Projects

core teaching 1 - Start where you are at


Reaching out to your loved ones can be the most rewarding, comforting experience you will have, and if you do it right, your crowdfunding campaign can be a huge coming out for you, a right of passage.  People who run crowdfunding before their communities have seen so much growth, .  So if you are feeling a bit nervous about crowdfunding, I’m calling upon every one of you to know that I see and I support you, and I realize what a huge leap this can be.



You don’t have to be clear about your focus or your project yet.  Because creating a Kickstarter project is a messy process, it’s creative and messy and some of you may feel overwhelmed, it’s a whirlwind, and somethings you have to build up your concepts and then have it taken apart with feedback and insight, but today your going to be given a process and a structure to sit in , but you need to town that some parts may feel really challenging.   I want you to know that as you design and launch a project there is nothing wrong with you if you react to feedback

or feel rushed and stressed - just keep trusting the process and know that if you just stick with it, you are going to stand up and do this, you will make it to your launch.  If you go out and just do the actions, that will make all the difference.


core teaching 2 - schedule your conversations



Now I want you to look at your calendar: We say minimum of 8 weeks for content and launch of a campaign.  That means if you started today, you would have a project release date of August 20th.  Spend the first two weeks on message and branding, then send out your emails, then finish your video.  8 weeks, brand, sales message, and video plan is complete by 6 weeks remaining, then the filming day is complete.  At 4 weeks out you send the “something’s coming soon” message. With 3 weeks remaining your preview is complete and you start soliciting feedback. More conversations.  At 1 week remaining you announce your launch date and ask : can I count on you to be a backer on the launch day? I really need all the help I can get because campaigns that are 35% funded in the first 24 hours are 10X more likely to succeed.  Would you be willing to help us in this crucial moment we go live?  Just hit reply y/n and I’ll send you a project url when we launch.  Thank you in advance!”


The people that respond this will be your shining glory. four or five days from now when it all goes live.   After two days, message all the non-backers again - Subject: we did it!  invite them to help again.  Then you take a break for 3 weeks from personal messages, focus on newsletters, social media, finding and converting strategic influencers, live events, etc.  Finally at the end of your campaign, with 7 days remaining, you go back to the personal list:  “Last Chance” - Reminder of your features and benefits, time is running out, become a backer, help us reach our stretch goal.  With 3 days remaining you send again: “Why I ask” - a final, dynamic and heartfelt pitch asking for their money.  With 1 day left you send final message:  “Our Midnight Deadline”.  

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Expect your funding to come in waves:

Go for 60% in first three days, and 40% in last seven.  And anything in the middle is pure luck and circumstance.  That is how you build a campaign with wings.