Fundraising Consultants: Seattle Video Production & Fundraising Consulting Firms

We offer crowdfunding and kickstarter video editing services in Seattle, and we are home to Seattle fundraising consultants.

EACH Seattle CROWDFUNDING PROJECT HAS A STORYTELLER. maybe it’s your pal or a random person from Seattle craigslist, a Seattle video production agency, or a mid-size Seattle film studio with fundraising consultants. Don’t you like whilst the proper character tells your testimonies? Shouldn’t destiny backers be capable of enjoy these task memories in a manner that feels uplifting and excessive quality? Now they could – when you hook up with us for Seattle Kickstarter Video production to create your crowdfunding project video.

Don’t let YOUR kickstarter video make you world-changing idea look wrong. Your backer conversion rate relies upon on it.

StartMotionMEDIA® is one of the leading Seattle kickstarter video agencies and fundraising consulting firms. Our professional video and audio services assist project creators, startups, inventors and creatives pass alongside the essence of their mission, lessons discovered, and bring the perks and values from one project creator to their backers – inside the shape of custom crowdfunding video and fundraising project call to action.

Even if someone doesn’t turn out to be your backer, a pleasant crowdfunding film production makes a unique gift to the life of your assignment – ideal for facebook advertising, organization profiles, pitching venture capital or crowdfunding loans, fundraising, and e-commerce product capabilities. Fundraising consultants are able to assist your new startup to prosper, or permit your nonprofit fundraising techniques the bright look they want to convey your profound message and values with clients. 

Please view our Seattle kickstarter video production portfolio and contact us for Seattle kickstarter video production or Seattle fundraising consultants.